Case Study: 40nm IoT SoC Design 

A SoC that allows for external communication, internal SoC management, security control, debug and test. 

Using the Arm® CoreLink™ SSE-200 Sub system significantly reduces your design and development time, ensuring a faster time to tape-out and to market.

  • Built around the SSE-200 Sub system
  • TSMC 40nm ULP
  • Frequency: 160Mhz

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Speed up your Time to Market with a Sub System Approach

The CoreLink™ SSE-200 subsystem is highly configurable, giving you options. You can add in components and adjust the design to improve your product.

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Efficient and effective design for power and performance requirements is fundamental to producing a successful end product, that hits your time to market window.

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Sondrel is an ARM Approved Design Partner with an engineering team experienced in providing project support involving ARM IP, including the SSE-200.  

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