The UltraSoC suite of Silicon IP provides a holistic, system-level view of the complex behaviours within today’s SoCs that helps engineers
develop and optimize hardware and software in the lab and in-field. By incorporating UltraSoC IP into a device, designers can intelligently monitor, understand and control the activity of any on-chip structure – including custom logic, buses, and CPU cores from leading vendors such as ARM, MIPS, CEVA and Cadence/Tensilica.

It can accelerate your SoC integration time by 27% - speeding up your time-to-market.

UltraSoC turns on-chip data into actionable information, accelerating time-to-revenue, improving product quality and de-risking the entire development process. In addition it can be used once your silicon is in the package for valuable in-field performance monitoring.

  • Significant “shift-left” in debug and verification process
  • Faster TTM, better quality results
  • Spot quickly even intractable bugs that only surface in real-world
  • Provides a holistic, independent view of the entire chip
  • A method to performance-tune device under real-world operating
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Sondrel provide SoC Solutions and Design Services to an international customer base. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the design, development and implementation for our clients' technology solutions.

Post-silicon debug and validation is one of the most onerous tasks in the SoC development process. By incorporating this IP into your design, Sondrel can deliver a significant “shift left” in your development programme.

flexible and highly configurable UltraSoC IP is highly configurable. It enables customers to benefit from analytics and monitoring throughout the development process and the option to continue to monitor the design once it is in the field.

Our team has experience in working with UltraSoc IP.

Sondrel's skilled engineering teams, located in nine international design centres, deliver project support from concept to industrialisation. Sondrel are experts on digital and mixed-signal devices from 180nm to sub 16nm.

Download a datasheet for more information:

UltraSoC Datasheet Download